A fellow car lover I met at the Concorso Italiano was complimentary of my work but asked me “If I own my car, why would I want a painting of it.” My simple answer was: “Can you park your car behind your desk in your office?” But later I remembered a larger question I pondered when at the Rhode Island School of Design, regarding the reasons for creating representative art in general. I decided it was a way for the artist to show the world how he or she sees an object. I often hear people say “I’m not a car person, but I really like your work.” I hope this means that through my eyes they can see how an object that they previously did not care about, is truly deserving of a portrait. Car collectors often love their cars as if they were their own children. I’d like to think that friends of my clients are one step closer to understanding this passion, when they see the portraits I have lovingly created.